Saturday, March 17, 2012

Petition to repeal Metro's ban on bikes during rush hour

Bicycles are not allowed on Metro during rush hour. While most trains are very crowded during this period, but many are not, especially reverse commute trains. Not being able to use Metro during the time when many of us travel is a real disincentive to using bikes for those last mile trips to and from Metro, especially with the high theft rates at Metro stations.

A petition is now available on to "Repeal the ban on bikes/ bicycles on the Metro during rush hour." Other transit systems have figured out how to accommodate bikes on their train systems during rush hour.

The operators of the Los Angeles system have developed a set of rules that apply to bicyclists to accommodate them during rush hour and all other times. The main rule covers the major objection to bikes on Metro during rush hour: "If an arriving train is full, please wait for the next train. Never force your bike into a crowded train." The LA Bike Metro site provides lots of great info for cyclists. It's an example for others.

As an aside, I learned about being able to take bikes on the LA Metro systems while reading the excellent interview with actor Ed Begley Jr. in Bicycle Times. Ed uses his bike for most trips around the city. He extends his range using Metro buses and trains. Unfortunately I couldn't find the interview online. See our blog post about riding with Ed when he was in town a few years ago.

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