Thursday, February 2, 2012

Virginia Bicycle Level of Service Maps

VDOT has created a series of maps showing Bicycle Level of Service for major roads in Virginia. The area on the right shows the Dunn Loring/Merrifield area of Fairfax County. It shows the problem we face; there are a few bike-friendly roads (in green) that mostly don't connect. The roads that do connect are level D or E that only experienced cyclists are willing to use.

Thanks to TheWashCycle for pointing out these maps.

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I suppose it's a good starting point, but I'd say the map needs some work. LOS D seems to be the default for most roads, even windy two-lanes that I would never ride on. It's impossible to tell the good D's (Northbourne?) from the dicey D's (Hunter Mill?).

Many roads aren't rated at all, which is fine for local streets, but many key cycling connections are conspicuously absent (Random Hills? Gov't Center Pkwy?).

Also seems strange to see LOS ratings on the G.W. Parkway after there's been so much news about bikes being prohibited there.

Oh well--I'll get over it and take a nice relaxing ride on Route 123 back and forth through the I-66 interchange.
What do you think about Route 7 just west of Tysons being tated as LOS C?
I assume VDOT used an automated system for developing the LOS ratings, without doing much if any work to collect ground truth information. While interesting, the maps aren't of much use other than as a starting point for doing further investigation. As part of the county bike plan process, FFX Co will develop a much more detailed and accurate LOS for the entire county. Much of that work was done when they put together the bike route map, and that work will likely be updated.

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