Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fixing the Fairfax Co Parkway Trail

Fairfax Co Parkway south of Rt 29
Over the past few years we've documented the deterioration of the Fairfax Co Parkway trail. There are many sections where large cracks have appeared and grass grows through the cracks. Contractors have unearthed sections of the trail and then poorly repaved. The trail has subsided in places where it abuts concrete bridges, leaving large gaps that are sure to pop a tire.

The trail also diverts from the Parkway, most notably at I-66 and Route 123, without proper way finding signage.

The Parkway will be repaved in the near future. Repaving and signage of the Parkway trail has been a priority for FABB for several years. We've been told that VDOT may have the funds this year to repave at least some sections of the trial.

FABB volunteers are currently conducting a reconnaissance of the trail. We're documenting degraded pavement, muddy areas, subsided asphalt at bridges, and other problems. By riding the trail, taking pictures, and collecting GPS points we hope to complete the work in the next couple of weeks, in time for VDOT to be able to develop priorities for paving. Ideally the entire trail, at least from the W&OD trail south, should be repaved. Our work should ensure that sections in most need of repair will be repaved first. If you know of sections in bad shape, let us know and we'll check our records to ensure we've documented them properly.



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