Monday, January 23, 2012

DRAFT VDOT Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan

The VDOT Safe Routes to School coordinator just released the DRAFT Virginia Safe Routes to School Five-Year Strategic Plan 2011-2016. Comments are being collected until February 17.

We have not yet had a chance to read the details. This is from the one-page summary at the beginning of the report:
In the short term,
  • The Program Structure will remain as is, with all program elements managed by VDOT’s Central Office.
  • Outreach and Education efforts will focus on aggressive outreach with existing resources, guided by an annual communication plan (developed separately from the Strategic Plan), and by optimizing partnerships with other state agencies.
  • Project Application and Selection will focus on re‐instating the non‐infrastructure application program.
  • Project Implementation and Management will become more streamlined and include clearer guidance.
  • Project Close‐out will become a more reliable and predictable process for the State SRTS Coordinator and grantees.
  • Evaluation and Measurement will include processes to generate information about project effectiveness.
  • SRTS Program Sustainability will provide greater support for VDOT staff working on SRTS projects and begin to identify ways to create self‐sustainable local SRTS Programs.
Beyond 12 months, the anticipated changes include:
  • A revised Program Structure that expands the SRTS Advisory Committee’s role, especially with respect to project selection.
  • A more flexible Outreach and Education plan, according to demand by local SRTS Programs and within existing resources.
  • Program Sustainability efforts that focus on making SRTS a part of standard operating procedures for VDOT and participating localities.

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