Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FABB bike light giveaway on the W&OD Trail

Planet Bike Blinky light set
Tonight three of us from FABB gave out 18 sets of bike lights to cyclists along the W&OD Trail and at nearby retail areas. We started in Falls Church at the intersection of the W&OD Trail and Route 123. There are usually several bikes parked at a car wash nearby so we stopped there and installed some lights on those bikes.

We then rode from there toward Vienna. As we saw cyclists without lights we asked if they wanted a free set. Most were surprised and grateful. Once we got to Vienna we cruised along Route 123 looking for bikes parked near restaurants and other shops.

The bike lights were purchased through a grant from the Transurban-Fluor Community Grant Program. We have a few more sets of lights that we'll be giving out in the next couple of weeks. Daylight savings time ends on Sunday, Feb. 6 so be sure you have your lights ready. Sunset on Monday, Feb. 6 is 5:02 p.m.

If you ever need to check sunrise and sunset times try the Sun and Moon Data website.



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