Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Braddock District candidates discuss bikes

In a recent news article candidates for Braddock District supervisor discuss the need for better bike facilities in the county. Janet S. Oleszek, the Democratic Challenger:
TRAFFIC/INFRASTRUCTURE: Long term we need to be focused on modes of transportation other than cars. To that end, we must complete the Silver line to Dulles Airport and expand bus service on the HOT Lanes. Land use decisions need to consider public transit and pedestrian and/or bicycling routes. One simple solution for Braddock residents is to link the Burke VRE station to the over 75 miles of bike and pedestrian trails that exist within a 3-mile radius of the station.
and Carey C. Campbell, Independent Challenger:
GROWTH: We need light rail, modern rail that is quieter than buses, and can travel 70 miles per hour on the beltway, on all major right-of-ways, like Little River Turnpike, Braddock Road, Route 50, rail along Columbia Pike. Greatly expanded rail should be accompanied by bike lanes, and pedestrian friendly communities. The new bike rental program that is so successful in Washington D.C. and Arlington must be expanded across Fairfax County. We need smarter, more intelligent choices for future development.
The Republican incumbent, Supervisor John Cook, does not explicitly mention bicycles but does mentions the need for more trails:
TRAFFIC/INFRASTRUCTURE: There are four broad categories of critical infrastructure needs in Fairfax County School renovations, road construction and maintenance, storm water facilities, and a new public safety complex. There are additional needs for parks, libraries, trails, and other county buildings.
You may recall that Supervisor Cook once said that "A bicycle is not a transportation device." After making the statement FABB met with him to discuss the comment and the need for better biking in Fairfax. Since that time he held Braddock Bike Day and is working with residents of Burke to try to tame Burke Centre Parkway.

Hat tip to WashCycle.

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