Wednesday, October 5, 2011

37% of Tysons Metro riders plan to get there by bike

At the final meeting of Tysons Metrorail Station Access Management Study team, results of their online survey were presented. 1,896 people completed the survey which included the following question: "If going to a new Tysons Corner Metrorail station, how do you plan to travel to the station?" The responses included 45% plan to walk, 37% plan to bike, 33% plan to ride the bus, and 33% plan to use kiss and ride.

The Tysons Bicycle Master Plan was completed in February and is awaiting approval by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. The plan includes many recommendations for improving bicycle access to the stations. The plan needs to be approved and work needs to begin on implementing the plan so that when the stations open, bicyclists have safe, convenient ways to reach the stations. With no permanent car parking planned, adequate bike parking is critical.

Final recommendations for sidewalk, trail, bicycle, and transit improvements were discussed. The bicycle plan contains the bicycle recommendations. There was some overlap between the sidewalk and trail recommendations. The highest priority sidewalk and trail recommendation was a new trail from the neighborhood southwest of the Tysons-Spring Hill Road (formerly Tysons West) station from Vesper Lane to Route 7 and Spring Hill Rd. The .4 mile trail would lead almost directly to the station and provide access for bicyclists from the W&OD Trail and Vienna area.

The final report should be completed in the next week or two and will be available on the TMSAMS website.

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Was the survey conducted in a "check all that apply" manner? That's the only reason I can figure out for the various modes adding up to 148%...
TMSAMS was partly a mapping exercise, so folks living and working in the Tysons Corner area could rank proposed bike, ped and transit projects which will improve access to the Silver Line stations. But your statistic proves that the process may have shifted the car-only mindset of many people by helping them understand and anticipate that they will have alternatives to driving.
Unfortunately the survey is no longer online and I don't have a copy of the original questions to determine the original wording. I assume people were asked to select which modes they planned to use to access the stations, i.e., check all that apply.
Yes - it was check all that apply on many questions, including that one.
I was just looking through CityLine Partners' rezoning application for the West*Gate Scotts Run Station North parcel and there are no bike facilities in the proposed new street cross-sections. That seems contrary to the Tysons Bicycle Master Plan. I think they should incorporate bike facilities in their final application.
Is there information online where we can see the plans for the Cityline development?

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