Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bikes in the news

NPR's All Things Considered story entitled Bike Infrastructure Hits Congressional Speed Bumps includes an interview with Andy Clarke of the League of American Bicyclists.
"If we were in Portland or Amsterdam ... we'd have our own set of traffic signals, and there'd be a little more space here," he says, "but, you know, these are early days, and we're not Amsterdam yet. We don't have quite that many cyclists, but it's certainly noticeable the increase in the last year or two as the infrastructure has gone in."
The Post has two articles on bikes: Mental health study tries Capital Bikeshare as therapy about a study of the health benefits of cycling using Capital Bikeshare bikes. WABA coordinated training for the cyclists:
After six months of Bikeshare participation, the patients will swap places with a control group that will ride for the next six months. “The hypothesis is that people who have been riding bikes for six months will have a greater sense that they are healthier,” Moghimi said. “They’ll have a greater sense of mobility, that things are accessible to them in the city that weren’t accessible before.”
Another article in the Post: Pedicabs and exercise: That’s how we roll.
Pedicab drivers, like their renegade cousins, bike messengers , burn countless calories cycling, one of the most healthful forms of exercise we know. They work outdoors. They work for themselves. They set their own hours. A hustling driver can cover 25 or 30 miles in an eight-hour day, earning about $200 and staying pretty darn fit in the process.

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