Friday, June 17, 2011

Another reason for riding in the road

On our way to a workout class this morning we happened across this police cruiser and motorcycle completely blocking the trail along Wiehle Ave at Sunset Hills Rd in Reston. The traffic signal was out and the police were directing traffic.

When one of the officers approached the car we asked if it would be possible to park somewhere other than in the center of the trail. If you're familiar with this location, there's a large parking lot adjacent to the trail, to the right of the car. There's also a grassy strip to the right where he could have parked to leave part of the trail passable. His answer was "No!"

There's no excuse for this behavior. It's disrespectful and inconsiderate of pedestrians and cyclists and anyone else wanting to use that trail. This is a busy intersection and one of the highest ped/bike crash locations in the county. The Wiehle Ave Metro station is under construction a block away. If we think bicycling and walking are legitimate modes, then we should treat them with the same respect we give other modes.


Find a person who requires a wheelchair to get around.

Bring person to location.

Take picture.



ADA lawsuits are very easy to win.
The picture contradicts what you posted. It isn't of the trail. It is of the sidewalk along Sunset Hills Rd., which is separated from the trail by a wooded area. The trail is never right alongside Sunset Rd.
The photo is of Wiehle Ave looking south from the W&OD Trail, not Sunrise Valley Dr. It's looking toward Sunset Hills Dr.
Did you get his badge or car number and report him?
I did report the presence of the cars on the trail. The car was an unmarked police cruiser. The motorcycle had the name of an officer painted on the side so I used his name in the report. I called the Reston district station non-emergency number. When I explained the situation the person taking the call said they two officers weren't from the Reston District, that I would have to call Traffic Safety (I think) to report them. I asked if she could pass on the information and after a pause she agreed to do so. I also plan to write to Supervisor Hudgins to complain.

Today I drove along Lee Hwy headed west, near Supervisor Smyth's office and noticed a utility crew putting up "Left Lane Closed Ahead" signs in the middle of the paved trail on the north side of the road. It's a constant battle and it shouldn't be. VDOT and the county should have clear guidelines and provide guidance to all staff and contractors to not block the trail. Would they completely block a road without thinking twice? Motorists would be irate; cyclists need to do the same.
Regardless of whether it's the trail, sidewalk or driveway the response is rude. What would his mother think of his "attitude".

There is no excuse or defense for police to treat anyone rudely for asking them to allow one to safely travel that path.

What are the police above questioning now? I know all the slogans about they put their life on the line, who do you call when you need help etc. so if I need help they'll be nice but if I need to use the path they'll kick my butt?

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