Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post whines again about cyclists

Washington Post photo.
What is it with the Post lately? In another negative article about cyclist behavior (Cars, trucks and bikes: Can we all get along? or "Safety reminders for Bike to Work Day" depending on where it appears) reporter Ashley Halsey III writes about all the scofflaw cyclists out there. In a time when motorists are barely hesitating before turning right on red and nearly all of them exceed the speed limit, he concentrates on bicyclists' bad behavior. Sure there are plenty of cyclists who disregard stop signs and run red lights, but yesterday while walking in Vienna I saw one motorists almost hit a pedestrian because the motorists tried to make a right on red without stopping. At the next intersection a Postal Service truck ran a solid red light on Maple Ave where there were plenty of pedestrians and cyclists around.

This is blatant behavior that we see every day at every intersection and yet the Post focuses on bicyclists. Makes you wonder.

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Agreed, there are many scofflaw cyclists out there, AND many scofflaw drivers.
I had a driver yell at me for rolling slowly through a 3 way stop at a "T" intersection (no road to my right), and he promptly rolled right through the next one!
And how come no one ever seems incensed about pedestrians crossing against the light?
Of course cyclists need to ride responsibly and predictably. There will always be situations where folks will roll thru a stop sign when it's clear no other vehicles are in sight. And it's simply silly to expect otherwise.
Whhheeeeelll! I muuuuuust say, that whenever I see the byline of "Ashley Halsey III" I simply cannot help but reflect on those classic demonstrations of total incompetence by Monty Pythons 'Middle Class Twit' of the Year.
Also, being that Spring weather has abated somewhat and all the fairweather cyclists have come out of late it's time for the PR and Marketing departments to show that the easiest way to inflame reader response is by once again retreading the same old rubber that they are so inspired to roll out every year.
Why is it so obvious to all who have straddled two wheels that all these spurious opinions are penned by those who have never ventured on a road outside of their four wheeled cages. To those so lacking in experience I say "HTFU" and stop being such luddite louts!. When a cyclist finally is convicted of killing an auto driver while talking on a mobile phone and offers up the apology of "I didn't see him." then perhaps the totally unskilled and unschooled can have credence. Otherwise... remember that you "SHARE" the road with all sorts of other users and you have no more importance than the next person. So watch out for everybody!

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