Friday, May 13, 2011

Bicycle parking at VDOT NOVA headquarters

We recently attended the public hearing on VDOT's Six Year Improvement Program. The meeting was held at VDOT's N. Va. District office, which is now located on West Ox Road near the Fairfax County Parkway. This was our first visit to the new building and we were disappointed with the bike parking that was provided.

LEED Silver certification of the building is pending. Unfortunately the LEED bicycle storage specifications are very weak. Racks can be located as far away as 200 feet from the building and there appears to be no guidance regarding type of rack used. This is in contrast to Arlington's requirements that visitor parking be located within 50 feet of the building and that U-racks be used.

At the VDOT building the infamous wave racks are used and they are located across the entrance drive in a corner of the parking lot. The parking is not covered. As we rode up to toward the racks we noticed there are no curb ramps to allow access. We had to ride to the front of the building, onto a sidewalk leading to the racks. Not only is this poor design, but it's a bad example for others. VDOT should know better and should be setting a better example for others.

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200' seems to be little to complain about, think of it as excersize. Maybe at 50' we would think of it as being handicap parking. Don't you just love the rain? it's great for the garden!

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