Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bike commuting seminar at AOL

There was a good turnout of over 50 people for the bike commuting seminar we gave today at the AOL campus in Loudoun County. The campus is located off Pacific Blvd near Waxpool Road. Bike access to the site improved greatly when Pacific Blvd connected to the W&OD Trail recently.

Conditions between the W&OD Trail and the campus are not great, especially for inexperienced cyclists. There are no bike lanes or trails between the two locations. There is a shopping center located near the campus but many people drive the short distance at lunchtime. With bike lanes or a good paved trail it would a short trip by bike or on foot.

This is the second of several bike commuting seminars planned for various locations in Northern Virginia. They are made possible in part by a grant from the Transurban-Fluor Community Grant Program. The AOL event was organized by the Loudoun County Office of Transportation Services and AOL provided the venue and great support. If you would like to schedule a seminar at your workplace, contact us at

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I was in that area yesterday, and I agree about the connection from AOL to the W&OD being poor - especially coming from the W&OD going toward AOL. You come up the ramp from the trail and suddenly are faced with a 4 lane (though generally low-traffic) divided road and a relatively narrow sidewalk that dumps you at a somewhat inconvenient location. I'm glad there's connectivity now (much better than before!), but wish they'd consulted a bicyclist on how to design that connectivity - I doubt it would've taken much more money to make it better.
Matt, I think Pat Turner of BikeLoudoun is working on improving bike access in this area. I'll check with her to find out what she's doing and how cyclists can help.

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