Monday, February 14, 2011

Recent bike-related news

Bill tackles passing space around bicycles is an interesting article that appears in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on the Three Feet to Pass bill that will be heard in the House Transportation Committee this week:
McDougle, the Senate bill's patron, was riding in the Northern Neck last summer when he had a close encounter. "I was on a two-lane rural road and had somebody pass extremely close, so close that I had to move over, almost off the pavement," he said. "After that experience, a number of bicycling organizations came to me sometime later in the summer. I had a pretty good understanding of why they were trying to do it."

On this NPR's Morning Edition there was a brief discussion of a recent study entitled Estimating the Employment Impacts of Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Road Infrastructure. The study was mentioned previously on several blogs when it came out in December:
"for a given amount of spending, bike lanes create about twice as many jobs as road construction."

"Each $1 million spent creating on-street bike lanes directly creates 7.9 jobs and creates a total of 14.4 jobs when we include the indirect and induced effects," the author, Heidi Garrett-Peltier, writes, "The two categories of road repairs have the lowest employment effects, with 3-4 direct jobs and approximately 7 total jobs created for each $1 million."

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