Monday, January 17, 2011

Virginia Bicycling Federation legislative platform

The Virginia Bicycling Federation has put together a legislative platform indicating their position on bicycle-related legislation: "With the 2011 Session of the Virginia General Assembly in high gear, the VBF met with cyclists across the state to discuss legislation effecting cyclists and pedestrians.
Bills related to following too close and passing cyclists,
The VBF supports with amendments:
SB 928,   Patron:  Sen. Ryan T. McDougle   (R) – Senate District 4
HB1683, Patron:  Delegate David J. Toscano   (D) – House District 57
HB2194, Patron:  Delegate Adam P. Ebbin   (D) – House District 49

Bills related to the  Reckless Driving,
the VBF supports
HB1993, Patron: Delegate Bill Janis   (R) – House District 56

Bills related to the  use of handheld personal communications devices while operating certain vehicles,
the VBF supports
HB1404, Patron: Delegate Algie T. Howell, Jr.   (D) – House District 90

Bills related to traffic lights,
the VBF supports
 HB1981, Patron: Delegate Thomas A. Greason   (R) – House District 32
HB1991,  Patron:  Delegate Bill Janis   (R) – House District 56

Bills related to permitting hunting on Sunday,
the VBF opposes
SB850, Patron:  Senator J. Chapman Petersen   (D) – Senate District 34

Bills related to the  Route 1 Corridor,
the VBF supports, with amendments
HJ603, Patron: Delegate Scott A. Surovell   (D) – House District 44 

Bills related to the  Transportation infrastructure bank,
 the VBF supports with amendments 
HB1582, Patron: Delegate John A. Cosgrove   (R) – House District 78

Bills related  to general powers and duties of the Commonwealth Transportation Board
 the VBF supports with amendments 
HB1957, Patron: Delegate Thomas Davis Rust   (R) – House District 86
SB1135,  Patron: Senator Frank W. Wagner   (R) – Senate District 7

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