Thursday, December 9, 2010

Governor's Multimodal Strategic Plan for Virginia

The Governor's Transportation Conference is being held this week in Roanoke. Yesterday Governor Bob McDonnell released the Multimodal Strategic Plan for the Commonwealth of Virginia at the conference. We haven't had much time to study it but we wanted to provide some basic info about the plan. Here's the vision statement:
Vision for Multimodal Transportation in Virginia: Virginia will have a coordinated system of roads, rails, ports, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and aviation resources that provides integrated and efficient options that meet citizen, visitor and business transportation needs.
That's a good start; at least bicycling is mentioned right up front. These are the goals:
Goal 1: Establish a seamless multimodal system that moves people and freight
Goal 2: Ensure the transportation system promotes and supports economic opportunity
Goal 3: Develop unified and collaborative transportation planning and implementation processes
Goal 5: Be an innovative pacesetter in technology, environmental protection and system management
Goal 6: Maintain a strong customer focus to address travel and business needs
Goal 7: Improve safety across all modes of transportation by reducing transportation related injuries, fatalities, and crashes
Goal 8: Develop and maintain a competent and stable workforce that maximizes human capital
These all sound good; I'm all for a safe, seamless multimodal system. To evaluate how well these goals are met there are a number of Measures of Success. The key measures for bicyclists are: 1. Number of Intermodal Facilities, 2. Number of Fatalities, Crashes and Injuries, and 3. Decreased Rate of Growth of VMT (vehicle miles traveled (by car)).

There is little mention of bicycling and walking. It's inferred in the numerous mentions of "multimodal" but time will tell what that term really means. There is a statement about decreasing the rate of growth of VMT by increasing the use of public transportation, bicycles, and walking.

Most of the examples used for illustration concern other modes. One of the detailed measures of success does state "Improve accessibility to modes and activity centers" but there is only passing reference to the need to coordinate land use and transportation decisions.



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