Friday, October 15, 2010

DC bike plan revisted after 5 years

TheWashCycle has a good post about the ten year DC Bicycle Master Plan 5 years after implementation. The plan has some specific goals that can be tracked over the years, and it appears that DC government has done a good job of keeping on track at the halfway point.
Here are some of the vital statistics [subject - goal actual]
  1. Signed bike routes - 100 miles 64 miles
  2. Bicycle lanes - 50 miles 49.1 miles
  3. Met Branch Trail - 100% complete 50% complete
  4. Anacostia Riverwalk - 100% complete 25% complete
  5. Improved bridge access - 5 bridges improved 6 bridges improved (7 if you count Wilson)
  6. Bike parking - 1000 spaces 1450 spaces (less if you subtract the 3800 removed parking meters, which is not entirely DDOT's fault)
  7. Bike parking in public space - all garages in compliance survey not completed
  8. Update DC policy to accommodate cyclists - Ensure inclusion of bikes in comp plan, long range transportation plan, and roadway design guide Done, except for courier licensing
  9. Train DDOT staff - train staff on bike planning Done
  10. Education - Educate motorists and cyclists Biannual Street Smart Campaign
  11. Youth Education - Conduct bike/ped education in schools WABA contracted to perform this
  12. Bike Map - Distribute 100,000 bike maps 75,000 maps distributed
Fairfax County is just beginning the bicycle master planning process, and we hope the plan contains similar concrete goals for making the county more bike-friendly.

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