Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gov. McDonnell's transportation solution - Drink more liquor

At the governor's pep rally, or rather Town Hall meeting tonight, he discussed his desire to make government more efficient and to fund  transportation by selling ABC stores. He said what we need is more liquor stores so we can sell more booze to build more roads. He would start by auctioning off 800 liquor licenses. When someone asked that since there are 13,000 places that sell beer and wine, shouldn't there be more places that sell liquor. He said we need to start gradually, implying that the number of places to buy booze would increase over time. Isn't that just what we need?

A few speakers, who had arrived at 5pm to sign up, were asked to give their creative ideas about how we can reform government. About 90% said we should sell the ABC stores so we can have more liquor stores and sell more booze. When someone asked if the governor would end the $45M coal subsidy, there was an attempt to shout her down. When the governor said he wouldn't end the subsidy, he got a round of applause.

The best ideas, from the Sierra Club reps, were about providing incentives for energy conservation. As I recall, Virginia is 6th worst at energy conservation, and our low energy costs are offset by the need to use much more than other states. It was hard to argue against low cost measures to save energy.

A couple of us rode to the event. Here's a shot of the bike parking. As usual it was tucked away in an unusable (by cars) corner of the garage. The ceiling was so low that Mike hit his head while preparing for his ride. Always wear your helmet, even when parking your bike.

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Virginia should nationalize gas stations too. Just tell the self-unaware statist population that it's a way of cutting their gas tax. Taxes are bad, state monopoly of a business is good, coal subsidies are in the bible, and Obama is a socialist.

Yeah, I went to college in Virginia.

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