Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reston Bike Club Wednesday social ride

RBC Wednesday Social Ride
This week we decided to try riding the Reston Bike Club Wednesday social ride. The rides leave from the public parking lot adjacent to the W&OD Trail across from the caboose in downtown Herndon at 6pm. We rode over from Reston on the bikes we use for most of our riding. Everyone else on the ride drove to the start with the bikes on their car.

Our bikes have panniers and fenders and we use them for transportation. We carry stuff and we ride in all weather conditions. The bikes received some interesting reactions from some of the riders, most of whom had carbon road bikes. "What kind of bikes are those?" It's surprising how many people use bikes only for recreation.

As you would expect, the pace of the social rides is slower than most of the club rides although we moved right along. In any group ride it's almost impossible for the group not to get spread out, and while we planned to ride at the pace of the slowest rider, we still had to stop occasionally to regroup. It's also almost impossible for the group to stop at all stop signs. Like motorists, we rolled through many of the stop signs when no one else was at the intersection, although some of us at least made an effort to slow down.

It was an enjoyable ride; a little faster than we expected but we had a good time and discovered some new roads in the Ashburn area. We spent too much time on the trail but the route varies depending on the composition of the group and the trail is avoided when possible.


It sounds like we need to organize a cargo bike ride like they have out in Seattle:

What do you think? There has to be at least three cargo and/or transportation bikes in Reston?
Sounds like a great idea. We've thought about having a ride to the Reston Farmers Market on Saturday. The bike parking there isn't very good and we haven't had any luck in trying to get it improved. We could pick a point to meet and then ride to the market. We go most Saturdays.
The rise of carbon bikes that cost as much as a used car is probably not a good thing for cycling as a whole--and it only confirms in many non-cyclists' minds the view that bikes are (expensive) toys for hippies and elitists. I mean, a good carbon bike is great if you're an actual competitive racer, but why should a twenty-pound-overweight rider worry about the ten- or twenty-pound difference between steel and carbon? Pedaling steel might burn some more calories and make them worthy of that expensive carbon!

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