Friday, May 7, 2010

AAA Mid-Atlantic responds

See comments on the earlier post AAA Mid-Atlantic bashes Pennsylvania Ave. bike lanes. One is from someone who works for AAA Mid-Atlantic and the other is an official response received from AAA Mid-Atlantic. Both claim there was not enough public review of the project which has been part of the DC Bicycle Master Plan since 2005. That process included considerable public comment and review. Calling for an Environmental Impact Study now is the same tactic used in San Francisco to block any new bike projects for three years.

Bike lanes to allow more people to use bicycles for transportation (20% of all drivers want to go by bike according to AAA Mid-Atlantic) should be a win-win for all users of the transportation system. We hope AAA Mid-Atlantic recognizes that and supports future bike lane projects.

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I got the same canned response from AAA when I emailed them to protest. But I don't buy it - they say now in their canned response that they are not against the bike lanes, but are merely objecting to the lack of process. But AAA did not say that in their public press release and interviews - there they are all against bike lanes with little mention of process.

Wayne Phyillaier
Hey! This is Kati @ AAA Mid-Atlantic who commented earlier. Thanks for the update. So you know, we are still making the rounds to respond to cyclists and clarify that we are not against cycling but disagree with the lane changes for a variety of reasons. It's understandable there is going to be some disagreement on AAA MA's position, but it is important to note that our concerns with the project do not indicate concerns over cycling.

@silverspeingtrails - Sorry, we do have some "canned" responses going out. If you are looking for more info, you can always email me at

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