Monday, February 15, 2010

Three foot passing bill fails in House

HB 1048, the bill that would require motorists to allow three feet when passing a bicyclist, failed by a vote of 43 to 54 in the House today. See the VBF Legislative update for details. If you contacted your Delegate and they voted for the bill, please write to thank them for their vote.

According to VBF:
Senate Bill 566 containing just Three Foot Passing is still alive, and will be crossing over to the House Transportation Committee and then, hopefully, to the Full House, in the near future.

As soon as the roll call voting is posted I will forward it along and will urge everyone to contact their delegates expressing disappointment if they voted Nay and thanking them if they voted For the bill. Hopefully, we may be able to turn at least 6 or 7 votes around and get SB 566 passed.
Update 2/16/2010: See who voted against HB 1048. Northern Virginia Delegates voting against: Albo, Hugo, Lingamfelter, Marshall, May, Miller, and Rust, all Republicans. Shouldn't bicycle safety be a non-partisan issue?

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Any word on which of the Northern Virginia delegates voted for/against?
I spoke to my representative today, and he said it was an unfortunate series of events that sort of led to the failure of the bill. A freshman representative was the main sponsor, along with very liberal reps from Arlington and Alexandria, and the bill came up for vote shortly after another contentious, very partisan debate on another bill. That pretty much doomed any chance the bill had, since the rural block was against it, and the other Republicans weren't in the mood to pass any "liberal" bills.
Too bad, but there is still the chance for the Senate bill to get through.

See the update to this post on who voted for and against the bill.


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