Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pedestrian killed at site of earlier cyclist death

Another person was killed while trying to cross I-495 in Tysons. The crash appears to have occurred at the same location where a cyclists was killed in 2008, traveling along Route 7 crossing the Beltway. Since the construction of the HOT lanes project, this crossing has become even more dangerous. There are no pedestrian or bicycle facilities here despite many people who use it daily to get to work in Tysons.

Before the construction there was a narrow concrete ledge on the north side that pedestrians used. That is gone and pedestrians are forced to walk adjacent to traffic on a very narrow shoulder. You can just make out a pedestrian on the far right of the photo walking along a well-traveled path. We've been told that if there is clear evidence of pedestrian and bicycle use, provisions must be made for them during construction.

We've requested better accommodations at this location and nothing has been provided. Supervisor Cook doesn't think bicycles are used for transportation, and now the county wants to cut all funding for the bicycle program. Something is wrong with the county's priorities and it's time for cyclists and pedestrians to demand better treatment and funding.

Update: 2/24/2010, Washington Post article Hit and run in Tysons.

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