Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arlington County Sustainability task force

The first act of the new Arlington County Chairman, Jay Fisette, was to form a 28-member Community Energy and Sustainability Task Force. According to the Post, "The panel is to make recommendations to the board about how to reduce carbon emissions in the private and commercial sectors."

As the WashCycle pointed out, bicycling is a key part of a sustainable Arlington:
Bicycle and Pedestrian Access and Safety Program

Also on the agenda for 2010, I hope to expand bicycling in Arlington. Arlington has a longstanding commitment to become one of the best places in the nation to bicycle. I love cycling and at different times in my life have done all my commuting on a bicycle. I have also traveled extensively by bicycle, including many vacations, as well as a three-month ride from England to Greece. I have always found the bicycle to be a wonderful compromise between walking and driving – as you can truly experience your surroundings while covering good distances. Bicycling is good for one’s health, great for the environment and a sustainable form of transportation.

Our 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Access and Safety Program will build upon existing efforts to educate residents and commuters about the benefits of bicycling and walking, as well as to implement planned infrastructure and facility improvements --such as additional bike lanes, improved bike signage and bicycle parking facilities in major business districts.

I was impressed with the large numbers of cyclists on trips to Portland, San Francisco, Boulder and Paris. Each year it becomes easier and safer to bicycle and walk in Arlington. Congressman Earl Blumenauer, dedicated cyclist, recently asked, “How many people, right now, are stuck in traffic on their way to ride a stationary bicycle in a health club?” It is time for Arlingtonians to rediscover their bicycles, and I plan to lead the way. Look for me in the bike lane! I commit to riding my bicycle to work at least once a week throughout 2010.

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