Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trading four wheels for two

That's the title of a guest column in Richmond BizSense about bike commuting in Richmond, VA. The author, an attorney in Richmond, discusses cyclist's legal rights to the road and reasons why some of us ride and why it's a good thing:
In fact, cyclists, serious cyclists, bike commuters like me, are the motorist's best friends. Think of it this way—you may get frustrated if you have to veer around me in your rush to the next stoplight (where I will probably catch up to you waiting for the green). But ask yourself—would you rather veer around my bike or be stuck behind my Grand Cherokee? When you are looking for a parking space, isn't it nice to know that there is at least one more out there—the one that I would have used if I had driven? And when you go to the gas pump, think of the 7.5 million gallons of gas that we bike commuters didn't buy last week. That has to help keep prices down for drivers.

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