Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MWCOG Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee meeting

We attended the September 15 meeting of the MWCOG bike ped subcommittee. Toole Design gave an overview of current work on the Metro Station Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Study. They are in the process of organizing stations by various characteristics into typologies. The Vienna Station is in the "Mixed-Use in a 'Pod' Layout". Toole will then further refine the typologies by conducting stakeholder meetings and field work. Recommendations for each typology will then be developed.

A Bikestation rep discussed their module parking system, an enclosed bike parking station with keyed access that installs in a day on a concrete pad with electrical access. Security concerns are reduced with the large windows. The module appears to be very competitive with individual bike lockers, allowing more bikes to parked on a smaller footprint. Bikestation helped develop the Union Station Bike-Transit Facility that is scheduled to open on Friday, Oct. 2 according to DDOT.

Maryland is conducting a study of school district policies on walking and biking to determine why some schools prohibit biking and walking to school. Toole Design will conduct the study. See the Maryland Bike Ped Advisory Committee June minutes for a few more details.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Project Database is being updated. The database has not been updated in many years. Local jurisdictions can now edit the database. Here is the list of projects in Fairfax County. We could find no on-road projects such as bike lanes, wide curb lanes or paved shoulders. Arlington County's list has a single line that could accomplish a great deal in Fairfax County, "Add bike lanes Countywide." We will suggest that Fairfax County modify this a bit "Add wide curb lanes, bike lanes, and paved shoulders Countywide."

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