Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lawyers Road bike lane discussion

The Hunter Mill Transportation Advisory Committee met yesterday to discuss various transportation projects in the Hunter Mill District. Among the projects discussed was the Lawyers Road resurfacing project scheduled to start soon. See our summary of the first and second public meetings on the project.

A few vocal opponents are trying to stop the project. They have attended the public meetings and spoken out against the bike lanes using arguments we've heard in the past: there are plenty of alternatives (winding paths through the woods, parallel roads that lead to different destinations) it's too dangerous (yes, without the bike lanes it can be dangerous. With them cars will go slower and there should be fewer crashes), and there will be too much congestion (estimated delay times are 1-3 seconds at intersections).

The Reston Association Transportation Advisory Committee, one of whose members joked about getting points for hitting cyclists, recently voted to oppose the project. The committee "advises the Board of Directors on transportation issues as they relate to promoting the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the Association’s Members." We think this project does just that. The full Reston Association Board will meet on Thursday May 28 and will likely take a position on the project. Milton Matthews, CEO of the Reston Association, said that the Board is not necessarily opposed to the project but they want more information.

Randy Dittberner of VDOT noted that comments VDOT has received about the project are 3-1 in favor of redesigning the road to make it safer for motorists and bicyclists. VDOT also noted that since Federal funds are involved, it's their responsibility to address any safety issues during the design of the project.

We're asking anyone who can attend the May 28 Reston Association Board of Supervisors Meeting to speak out in support of the project. The meeting is from 7-10pm at the Reston Association offices, 1930 Isaac Newton Square, Reston, VA. You can also ask RA President Robin Smyers to support the project when you see her at Bike to Work Day tomorrow at the Reston Town Center Pavilion.

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