Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congressman Blumenauer in Parade Magazine

We've written about Congressman Earl Blumenauer many times before. He's a bike commuter and he originated the Bicycle Commuter Act that passed as part of the Wall Street bailout bill (which ironically he didn't support). Blumenauer is interviewed in today's Parade Magazine, an insert in the Sunday Post (hat tip to WashCycle):

"Your city—Portland, Ore.—is very bike-friendly. What has worked? We have expanded the number of bike lanes, established bike routes throughout the city, and turned major streets into "bike boulevards" so there is less through traffic. It’s making a huge difference. People in Portland use their cars much less than the American average. That translates into savings of more than $2500 per year per family. There should be a bicycle master plan for cities large and small."

Fairfax has a long way to go before becoming bike-friendly. We don't have a bicycle master plan; that's FABB's number one goal.

We hope the rumors about him being a potential candidate for Transportation Secretary are true.
"FABB" -- what a clever name! Thanks for the link love.
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Be careful what you wish for, Bruce. You just might get it.

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