Friday, November 21, 2008

Bike lanes on Old Courthouse Rd

Bike lanes were recently striped on Old Courthouse Rd near Tysons Corner (map). There is a wide section of the road just west of Gosnell Rd with a speed limit of 25 mph. It is used by many commuters as a route to Tysons. Because of it's width, most motorists exceed the speed limit (even more so than elsewhere). Residents have long complained about the problem, and VDOT recently proposed a solution; narrow the motorized travel lanes and add bike lanes.

Like the new bike lanes on Westmoreland Rd in McLean, the lanes are too short and end where cyclists really need better conditions, in this case at the narrow section leading towards Wolf Trap to the west and the narrow, uphill section to the east leading to Gosnell Rd. But it's a start, and now there should be additional incentive to improve the narrow sections. In either case, we're very encouraged that VDOT is finally adding bike lanes to Fairfax roads. We now have about 20 miles of bike lanes out of approximately 6,000 lane miles in the county.
Yes, I guess it is a start. I cross this section when I ride from home to downtown Vienna. Won't make any difference for me except perhaps to make it easier to cross Old Courthouse.

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