Friday, August 22, 2008

Going too far

Going too far is the title of an editorial in the Fairfax Times about the proposed measures to harass day laborers in Herndon. It sums up the wrong-headed nature of these measures:

"..ideas now circulating in Herndon border on the absurd – confiscating bicycles chained to trees or signposts, revoking ABC licenses of some businesses and removing pay phones."

"These measures would affect all residents, not just day laborers. As the main reason that the laborers are in Herndon is for work, the proposals also seem unlikely to meet the council's goal of chasing the laborers out of town."

"In this 'green' era of fuel conservation, to discourage bicycle riding is counterintuitive. With relatively few bike racks in the suburbs, often a tree or signpost is the only place to chain a bicycle, and with the Washington and Old Dominion Trail passing through the middle of Herndon, most cyclists are not day laborers."

Boy, this guy in Herndon has really got your goat. That’s three posts and an agenda item in the monthly meeting. I bet you are shopping for a house in Herndon right now so you can vote him out. Except for the fact the town doesn’t want you to chain your bike to trees or in the right of way (whatever that is), Herndon is a pretty bikable town (as far as Fairfax County goes).

Another note on the righteous indignation front: There is a sign at the entrance to the North Point Shopping Center in Reston that says "No skateboards or bicycles" or words to that effect. They do how ever have two bike racks. I am so offended by the sign I lock my bike to a railing in front of Giant.

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