Wednesday, July 23, 2008

W&OD cyclist looking for witnesses

A cyclist who was riding on the W&OD Trail on June 23 of this year was crossing Church St in Vienna and was struck by a motorist. The cyclist is now looking for witnesses to the crash. According to the cyclist:

"I saw traffic in both directions, so I stopped at the stop sign. The cars stopped on either side of the crosswalk, waving me through. (Car on the right was a Hyundai Santa Fe, and the one on the left was a white or light colored Corolla or similar car).

Both cars stopped and waved me through, so I proceeded forward. As I passed the 2nd car (the one on my right), a car sped through the crosswalk and struck me.

I'm looking for anyone who may have witnessed the accident - the driver moved his car before the police got there, and is planning on pleading not guilty to the citation.

Any help would be useful."

If you have useful information, please leave a comment here and we will pass it on.



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