Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fairfax Bike Map meeting

county map segmentOn Tuesday July 30 the Fairfax bicycle map advisory committee will meet to discuss changes to the Bike Map that was released on Bike to Work Day, May 16. The Bike Map is available on the County website. It has been very popular, with the first limited printing of 3,000 gone in the first couple of weeks.

Proposed changes include correction of spelling and labeling, correction of the location of facilities, and whether some routes should be included or removed. In the area with which I am most familiar, some routes included on the map are rarely used by cyclists, such as Fox Mill Road. It is a narrow, hilly road with no shoulder. Cyclists do use short stretches to connect to other side roads, but rarely do they ride the length of the road. Without it, there are many gaps in the route network. Including it may give some cyclists the false notion that it is a common bike route, albeit "Less Preferred".

In another case a trail is located on the wrong side of the road. Errors can be expected in any map, especially one with the rapid production of the county bike map that was schedule for release on Bike to Work Day. Now that most of the map work is completed, including the design, color scheme, route network, etc., the changes should be able to be made quickly and a new edition should be out by late summer.

If you have used the map and have comments, please send them to me at and I will bring them to the advisory committee.


This is superb follow-up work. Thanks very much for your efforts. CvS

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