Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big Initiatives

At the June FABB meeting we reviewed our goals. Our early goals of encouraging the County to hire a bike coordinator and to publish a county bike map have been met over the last couple of years. We still have a long way to go to achieve our main goal of having more on-road bike routes. We have made some progress with future projects such as the planned wide curb lanes on Stringfellow Road and bike facilities on the Beltway bridges. VDOT has funds for adding shoulders on existing roads but Fairfax received none of those funds last year. Several roads are scheduled for getting paved shoulders this year, but none will be stripped bike lanes or wide curb lanes with sharrows.

Fairfax County has had funds for bike lanes on Gallows Road for several years. VDOT has found many reasons why it can't be done. The latest absurdity is to demand a feasibility study that will cost over $100,000, more than some communities would spend for the entire project.

We didn't get far in our discussion of the goals. We plan to devote some time during the next couple of meetings to the topic. In the meantime, thanks to a reference by The Wash Cycle, we will ponder the The Big Initiatives: 17 things on which advocates of bicycling should concentrate from Google Maps Bike There blog. Comments?

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