Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Driving is sooo boring

As everyone knows, Bike to Work Day is on Friday, May 16. Most of the FABB board are involved in one of the Fairfax pit stops. We are organizers of the Reston event, and as a result we spend a lot of time gathering t-shirts, the new Fairfax bike maps, raffle prizes, food, etc. for the big day. Today was one of those rare days when I spent several hours behind the wheel.

I usually spend very little time in a car. I'm able to use my bike to commute to work on a daily basis, and with the help of my BOB trailer, go grocery shopping. We often run errands on the weekend by bike, planning out our route to the farmer's market, bread store, bagel shop, and other places, and we can usually carry everything in our panniers.

Anyway, while driving around today picking up Bike to Work Day supplies it struck how boring it is to drive around here. It seems that most of the time is spent sitting at red traffic signals. Of course we also have to sit at stop lights on a bike, but it's often a welcome short break. We've worked to get to that stop light, we're outside, not cooped up in an enclosed vehicle. I can't think of anything more boring than sitting in traffic. That's one of the reasons bike commuting is so appealing.

I hope everyone is participating in Bike to Work Day. It's a chance to celebrate biking and mingle with other like-minded people. FABB reps should be at most events; stop by and say hi.

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