Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Virginia Energy Plan encourages Virginians to bicycle

Governor Tim Kaine recently released the Virginia Energy Plan. The plan was mandated by legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2006. Much of the report addresses the need for energy conservation and use of alternative modes of transportation:
Walking and bicycling are the most fuel efficient forms of transportation. If more people regularly walked and cycled, fuel would be saved, air pollution would be reduced, and less energy would be needed to create, operate, and maintain roadway lane miles and parking facilities.
The report, along with the Cool Counties initiative in Fairfax County, is more support for our work in advocating for better bicycling facilities in Fairfax:
Virginia should continue to develop its transportation infrastructure to include facilities for no- or low-fuel methods such as walking, bicycling, and small scooters consistent with the Commonwealth Transportation Board's Policy for Integrating Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations [PDF].
Isn't this disingenuous? Doesn't the VDOT hierarchy report (eventually) to the Governor? Why is VDOT still giving us same-old-same-old with construction they're doing today? Charlie Strunk is oh so gentle in saying that today's builds were started 20 years ago. Give me a break! If Boeing in a weekend can change the fundamental of a large airplane design, it surely doesn't take much to get an envelope out of the trash, take the pencil from behind the ear, and start sketching the better ways. How 'bout the narrower left lane to permit a bike-friendly wider gutter lane, for starters? This isn't rocket science.

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