Thursday, February 22, 2007

FABB rides

Some of us have been pondering hosting a group ride during the week, possibly on Wednesday evening. The goal would be to explore different on-road routes throughout the county. There would be a different starting point for each the ride. We have mapped many on-road routes, and we need to check some of them out that others have contributed. It's also an excuse to discover new places and ride instead of talking strategy in a meeting.

We could hold the rides each week, once a month, or whenever the mood strikes. I think I prefer weekly rides but there need to be at least a couple of ride volunteers to ensure that someone would show up each week to lead the ride and prepare cue sheets or maps of each route. Monthly rides are probably more realistic given most people's schedules. The pace would be slow and we would likely stop occasionally to take pictures. The knowledge gained would be helpful when the county bike map is produced so that we can provide them with feedback on proposed routes. What do you think?
It's a great idea and FABB should do it. The issues get abstract to me sometimes and then I take a ride and realize why FABB's work is so important. I hope that we could find other souls who would be willing and qualified to serve as ride leaders. I'm willing but not qualified.
Perhaps we should start with a few periodic rides. I'll pick a date or two and we'll go from there.

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