Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cyclists Needed to Fill Out Short FFX Co Pkwy Survey

If you use the Fairfax County Parkway or Franconia-Springfield Parkway trails, Fairfax County DOT wants you to fill out a Parkway survey about your priorities for those roads/trails. Unlike the W&OD Trail, the parkway trails do not have a manager or a dedicated budget for maintenance or to ensure that safe access is a priority.

While FABB worked with VDOT to fund maintenance for the northern half of the trail two years ago, work on the souther half has stalled. Many of the street or ramp crossings are dangerous, with limited sight distance, speeding motorists, and motorists turning right on red without looking right.

If you use or would like to use the Parkway trails, please consider filling out the short 11-question survey and tell VDOT to do more to make biking along the Parkway trails safer and more convenient. When we filled out the survey we asked for dedicated funding for trail maintenance (including snow plowing), better, grade-separated ramp crossings, and ensuring that a safe, well-maintained trial is a priority.

These are the questions asked on the survey (emphasis added):
1. Where do you live (neighborhood)?

2. On an average weekday, how do you currently use Fairfax County Parkway and/or Franconia-Springfield Parkway (the Parkways)? Check all that apply.

Other (please specify)

3. What time of day do you typically use the Parkways? Check all that apply.

Morning (before 10 am)
Midday (10 am to 2 pm)
Afternoon (2pm to 7 pm)
Evening (after 7 pm)

4. How far is your typical trip on the Parkways?

Short (0-2 miles)
Medium (2-5 miles)
Long (5+ miles)

5. How many times a day do you use the Parkways (enter a number)?

6. How would you like to use the Parkways? Check all that apply.

Other (please specify)

7. What do you think should be prioritized? Choose top two

Top Priority:
Second Priority:

Traffic on the Parkways
Traffic crossing the Oarkways
Traffic turning onto the Parkways
Other (please explain in box below)

8. What strategies would you like to see for meeting the future transportation needs along the Parkways? Check all that apply.

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes
High Occupancy Tolling/Express Lanes
Technology/Traveler Information
Adding Capacity (more lanes)
Adding Capacity (new interchanges)
Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities
Other (please specify)

9. Should the Parkways have a consistent design or have area specific designs? Does a drive end-to-end along the Parkways need to have the same feel or should it change depending on the location?

Consistent Design
Area Specific Designs
Please suggest locations

10. What strategy should be considered for the potential widening of the Parkways? Check one of the following.

Minimal right-of-way (ROW) impacts (limited private property acquisitions)
Unconstrained by ROW (provide sufficient number of lanes to match traffic demand)
Other (please specify)

11. What other comments or suggestions do you have regarding the goals and objectives of the long-term planning study?

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