Thursday, June 16, 2016

Popularity of Biking During Safetrack

Bike to Work Day in Vienna
Bike commuters are familiar with the many advantages of using a bike for all or part of your commute: knowing how long it will take, getting exercise, enjoying the outdoors, paying less, and the feeling of self-reliance.

During Metro's first phase of repairs, Safetrack, it seems that many more people are discovering the joys of bike commuting. According to the Post, How Safetrack can actually make us happier:
As commuters made adjustments to their travels in response to last week’s first surge of Safetrack, Metro’s yearlong maintenance plan, ridership at stations west of Ballston was down by over 25 percent.

One type of commuter did go up in numbers, however: cyclists.

Between Monday and Friday last week, automated bike counters recorded a 70 to 90 percent increase in bike traffic in Arlington’s Rosslyn-Ballston corridor compared to the same period last year. The counter at 14th Street Bridge alone recorded close to 4,400 extra bikes zipping past it last week, compared to the same week last year.

And all that biking might be a cause for joy.

In 2014, researchers Eric Morris of Clemson University and Erick Guerra of the University of Pennsylvania published a study on how different modes of transport affect the way we feel. Using data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they found that cyclists are the happiest commuters of all, ahead of car passengers, car drivers, and public transit users.



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