Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fairfax Co releases biannual Transportation Status Report

Fairfax County recently released the latest biannual Transportation Status Report. "The report includes updates on all active projects, including those projects in the Third Four-Year Transportation Program for FY2013 through FY2016 and the Board approved Transportation Project Priorities (TPP) for FY2015 through FY2020." Included is an interactive map of current projects.

Below is the Bicycle and Pedestrian section The report includes an interactive map of

Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs

The Board directed FCDOT to lead the effort to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility, including constructing bicycle and pedestrian facilities in high-priority areas of Fairfax County. In 2006, the Board endorsed a Ten-Year Funding Goal of $60 million for new bicycle and pedestrian projects. Through FY2020, the Board has greatly exceeded this goal by selecting $314 million in high-priority bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Access and Safety: On December 8, 2015, FCDOT recommended and the Board approved projects for funding that were identified as part of the Herndon Metrorail Station Access Management Study (HMSAMS) and phase two of the Reston Metrorail Access Group Study (RMAG). The projects include sidewalk, trail, bike lane, and intersection improvements that will make it easier and safer for residents and visitors to walk and bike to the new Silver Line stations at the Reston Town Center, Herndon, and Innovation Center Metrorail Stations.
  • Street Smart: FCDOT staff work with regional partners on the Street Smart Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Media Campaigns. The twice-yearly campaigns utilize major-market television and radio, print, and bus advertising to promote safety awareness responsibilities of drivers and pedestrians in both English and Spanish.
  • Bicycle Master Plan: The Bicycle Master Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on October 28, 2014. Implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan began in 2015 and included over 30 miles of bicycle facilities as part of VDOT’s annual repaving program.
  • Bike to Work Day: FCDOT hosted two bike to work day pit stops at the Burke Centre VRE Station and the Fairfax County Government Center. Over 70 bicyclists attended the Fairfax County Government Center pit stop and over 40 bicyclists stopped at the Burke Centre VRE Station. FCDOT also participated in Bike to Work Day by hosting a station to promote bicycling in Fairfax County and distribute information, maps, and promotional items at the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station pit stop.
  • Increase and Enhance Bicycle Parking: FCDOT purchased over 30 new bicycle racks and completed three new installations, with several more planned for 2016.
  • Secure Bicycle Parking Facilities: Staff is finalizing work on new “Bike-and-Ride” facilities at various locations countywide including: Phase II Silver Line Stations, Stringfellow Road Park-and-Ride Lot, and Springfield Community Business Center Commuter Parking Garage. The bike-and-ride at Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station continues to be heavily utilized.
  • Bicycle Route Signage-Countywide: Staff has completed planning and design for bicycle wayfinding to the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metrorail Station, Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station, and Huntington Metro Station. Construction is planned for spring 2016, and additional wayfinding projects will be implemented throughout 2016.
  • Western Fairfax Historic Cycle Tour: Cycle Tour Map is complete and sign design has been finalized. Printing and fabrication of map and sign is planned for 2016 along with installation of wayfinding signs.
  • Fairfax County Capital Bikeshare: FCDOT staff completed field work to finalize station location recommendations for Capital Bikeshare in Reston. Capital Bikeshare in Reston will begin with 15 stations and 132 bicycles. FCDOT also will be launching Capital Bikeshare in Tysons with a 13 dock, 92 bike system. These two locations will be the first Capital Bikeshare locations in Fairfax County. On January 12, 2016, the Board of Supervisors approved $1.7 million to purchase bikeshare equipment to bring Capital Bikeshare to Reston and Tysons.
  • Cinder Bed Road Bikeway: FCDOT has received $500,000 in federal grants and has initiated an alternatives analysis to evaluate potential alignments for the Cinder Bed Road Bikeway. This project will provide a new bicycle and pedestrian facility approximately three miles in length connecting the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station and the Springfield Community Business Center to Fort Belvoir and other activity centers to the south.
  • VDOT Repaving Program: VDOT and FCDOT completed their most successful year ever to add bicycle facilities during summer repaving. The summer 2015 program included over 20 locations with over 30 additional miles of bicycle facilities, including buffered bike lanes, bike lanes, and shared lane markings. Nearly all the proposed projects were completed in 2015, with some extending to 2016. FCDOT staff is currently reviewing VDOT’s 2016 paving plans to determine if additional facilities can be implemented this summer.

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