Sunday, March 20, 2016

FABB Video: Bike Parking 101

Finding good bike parking in Fairfax can be a challenge. Fairfax County recently adopted bicycle parking guidelines that will be applied to future developments, but it's very difficult to retrofit bike parking at existing retail and commercial establishments. Even when there is bike parking it is often inadequate and installed in the wrong location.

We recently produced a short, 4 1/2 minute video showing examples of good and bad bike parking. When we ask for bike parking we need to be specific. The best bike parking is a simple inverted U rack located on a hard surface, near the building entrance, preferably covered. If you like the video, please share it with others. If you ask for bike parking, use the bike parking guidelines as a reference.

Rackspotter is a web app that can be used to identify bike parking locations. It was developed by BikeArlington and has been expanded to allow us to identify bike parking locations in Fairfax County. Please consider adding to the Rackspotter database.

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