Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Paved shoulder on Hunter Mill Road

Paved shoulder on Hunter Mill Road
Hunter Mill Road was recently repaved and it now has wider paved shoulders. During the repaving additional asphalt was added to the outer edges of the roadway and now there is an approximately 3-4' shoulder that appears to be rideable. We plan to check it out in the near future.

The new shoulder extends from Route 123 north to Lawyers Road. In some areas the shoulder becomes very narrow, mostly at intersections where a left turn lane is located. At those points cyclists would likely have to ride in the main travel lane.

FABB has been advocating for paved shoulders on Hunter Mill Road for several years. The road is one of the only connecting N-S roads in this part of the county. The last time the road was paved some additional asphalt was added but not enough to be safe for cyclists. We're pleased with our first look at the shoulders on Hunter Mill Road and will be interested in hearing cyclists' reactions to the new paving. When combined with wide paved shoulders on Lawyers Road from Twin Branches Road, it may now be possible to ride from Reston to Oakton mostly on paved shoulders.

VDOT has a policy on using funds for paving shoulders for use by bicyclists:
Shoulder paving to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian activity shall have a goal of utilizing at least 2% of the district’s pavement budget (pavement asset budget) and shall be accomplished only upon roadway sections that have adequate unpaved shoulder width to accommodate the paving and that shall not require the adjustment of utilities. If less than 2% of the pavement budget is spent, the reasons for the inability of the district to meet the goal must be documented and approved by the District Administrator.
See FABB notes from the March 2013 Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting where this topic was discussed. Also see info from the State Bicycle Policy Plan.

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