Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Provide feedback to VDOT on biking conditions in Northern Virginia

VDOT is updating the Northern Virginia Regional Bikeway and Trail Network Study completed in 2004. NoVa cyclists are encouraged to participate in a survey to provide feedback to the study team on the current state of cycling in the NoVa area and future needs. FABB rep Sonya Breehey is a member of the team that is working with VDOT to update the study.

The survey is extensive and allows for map input on current conditions and your favorite biking destinations. You can also rate riding comfort level on specific roads. Be prepared to spend a few minutes on the survey. From the study team:
The Northern Virginia Regional Bikeway and Trail Network Study.  The Virginia Department of Transportation is updating its regional network of bicycle routes and trails to measure the progress made since 2004 in building the network. Your participation in this survey is important and will help us to plan our transportation system.
The VDOT NoVA District Bike Coordinator discussed the update process in the NOVA District Bicycle and Pedestrian Highlights, April 2015
 Network Update Scope
  • Purpose of update – To see how we are doing, to see if any major changes need to be made to the regional network like proposed roads that were eliminated (e.g., Tri-County Parkway) 
  • Collecting Data of existing facilities – Consolidate GIS files from all jurisdictions 
  • Performance measure – How many additional miles of the original 2004 network have been built by our partnership with jurisdictions 11 
  • Wikimap – Crowd source the taskforce to identify needed corrections and major omissions from the consolidated GIS files. 
  • Latent Demand (rate existing routes 1 to 5) - see if the taskforce’s suggestions for the network rise to the level of being regional significant. 
  • Future Performance Measure - Provide a baseline BLOS of all roads in the network using SPS data. Use to show improvements in Network – how many miles of BLOS A, vs B, vs, C…. 
  • Virtual Public Meeting - MetroQuest



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