Saturday, April 11, 2015

Support needed to save Kingstowne bike lanes

The proposed Kingstowne Village Parkway road diet and on-road bike lanes are in jeopardy unless we act now.  Your help is needed to show strong public support for the proposed bicycle improvements before the public comment period closes on April 15, 2015.  

Fairfax County Department of Transportation(FCDOT) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) are proposing a road diet on Kingstowne Village Parkway that would reduce the current four travel lanes to two with one center turn lane and would provide on-road bike facilities in both directions. The addition of bike lanes on Kingstowne Village Parkway would help build out the County’s bike network as recommended in Fairfax County’s Bicycle Master Plan and would provide needed connection to existing bike lanes on Beulah Street.
Road Diet - Graphic by FCDOT

At the second public meeting held April 8, there was significant opposition for the proposed road diet.  Opponents voiced concerns that focused mostly on traffic volume and the effect a new nearby development would have on local traffic. VDOT’s traffic study, however, indicates Kingstowne Village Parkway has significant extra capacity and is well below the 20,000 vehicles per day threshold for determining road diet candidates.

Road diets and on-street bike lanes make streets safer for all users - bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers alike.  In 2010, FCDOT and VDOT completed a road diet on Lawyers Road in Fairfax County, a very similar roadway to Kingstowne Village Parkway.  A before and after study by VDOT found that while average travel times remained generally the same, there was a 67% reduction in motor vehicle crashes, and it reduced the number of people driving more than 15 mph over the speed limit.  

FCDOT Views - Graphic by FCDOT

Road diets provide traffic calming and the addition of bike lanes offer people who bicycle a safe place on the road, and an alternative to side paths that are often shared with pedestrians.  Let’s not allow a few vocal opponents to undermine efforts to make Kingstowne Village Parkway safer and more accessible for all users.  

Please email Fairfax County Supervisor Jeff McKay (, and copy Adam Lind of FCDOT (, to let them know you support the road diet and bicycle lanes for Kingstowne Village Parkway.  Time is short so please provide your feedback before the public comment period closes on April 15. 

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