Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fourth Estate article on Braddock Road expansion

Fairfax County is investigating various options for improving the Braddock Road corridor between Guinea Road and I-495 as part of the Braddock Road Multimodal Study. One of the options is improved bicycle access. The Fourth Estate recently published an article about the study, Braddock Road may be expanded, but not anytime soon. We were interviewed for the article and expressed our concerns about bicycle safety.
The most recent Braddock Task Force meeting on the attitude study was in April 1. Members from the Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling have attended some of the meetings to give their feedback. FABB Chairman Bruce Wright wants cyclists in the area, especially from Mason, get involved with the process.

“Braddock road is a critical connection for cyclists in the area and it’s important that whatever happens there allows cyclists to safely, conveniently get to their points of destination,” Wright said.

According to Wright, the current plan proposes for parallel side paths, but he does not think this design is safe enough for cyclists and pedestrians at Braddock’s busy intersections.

“Enforcement of right-turn-on-red and just general road laws is terrible in this county. People think it’s their given right to turn right on a red light without stopping,” Wright said. “What that means is cyclists and pedestrians trying to cross the road even with a green pedestrian signal are often in danger of motorists who are not looking and pull in at the intersection without stopping.”

Another concern FABB has is the county keeping up with maintenance of the trails. Wright said there are no dedicated funds for this maintenance.



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