Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Support for bicycling in Fairfax economic strategic plan

Fairfax County is updating it's economic strategic plan. Public outreach meetings were held last summer and fall and the county Economic Advisory Commission put together the final draft, a Strategic Plan to Facilitate the Economic Success of Fairfax County, that was presented to the Board of Supervisors on January 27,. We are encouraged by the strong support for bicycling and multimodal transportation contained in the new plan, and the acknowledgement that new and future residents are going to demand better transportation alternatives. The Board will vote on adoption of the plan at their meeting on March 3.

The second goal, Create Places Where People Want to Be, includes the following (emphasis added):
2.2 Expand creation of livable, walkable communities that are aligned with transportation infrastructure. Support a mix of housing types to accommodate a range of ages, household sizes, incomes, and uses for long term appeal, integration and sustainability.

  a. Explore creation of 20 Minute Neighborhoods where a variety of housing options and jobs are linked by high capacity transit to support clusters of opportunity and innovation.
  b. Initiate joint FCDOT/VDOT/ Metro/VRE actions to link housing to jobs, including new transit networks, and expanded bike-pedestrian networks.

2.10 Continue to develop complete street guidelines for all activity centers in the county. In partnership with VDOT and the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DPRT), better utilize public rights of way for improved accessibility, safety, and connectivity by all modes:

  a. Implement pedestrian, bike and roadway improvements around Phase II Silver Line stations.
  b. Continue to fund and implement infrastructure improvements that include additional bicycle and pedestrian improvements on overpasses or tunnels and acquire easements for new trails and park greenways where appropriate.
  c. Continue implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan recommendations.
  d. Promote bike lanes in areas where they have been identified in the Bicycle Master Plan.

2.11 Support the implementation of a comprehensive “Health in All Policies” plan that integrates concepts that promote healthy living with a renewed focus on placemaking. Projects included in the plan should focus on increasing physical activity, better nutrition, and expanding access to health care, parkland, and recreation centers.

  a. Increase focus of the Transportation Advisory Commission and the Trails Committee on
projects related to pedestrian and bicycle transportation and transit.

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