Wednesday, January 28, 2015

W&OD Trail not quite clear in Reston area

Long sections of the W&OD Trail are still snow and ice covered in the Reston area. According to NVRPA staff, the recent snowfall amount was not enough to allow them to use their snow blower. It's unfortunate because there is enough snow that it will likely cover sections of the trail for several days. NVRPA did have a crew out clearing snow at some of the intersections.

You can see from the first photo below that there's lots of ice and snow from Old Reston Ave toward the east for as far as you can see. You can also see the tire tracks of the NVRPA truck that passed through.

Looking east near Old Reston Ave 
Looking east toward Wiehle Ave
On the other hand, the trail along Wiehle Ave and the sidewalks leading into the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station were clear of snow.

Sidewalks at Wiehle station, looking west from Wiehle Ave

Wiehle Ave trail looking south

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