Friday, January 23, 2015

Planning Commission recommends approval of Lake Anne redevelopment project

At their January 22 meeting the Fairfax Co Planning Commission recommended adoption of the proposed Lake Anne redevelopment that has been in the works for many years. The project includes extensive bicycle accommodations, including bike lanes on the uphill sections of North Shore Drive and sharrows on the downhill sections, short and long term bike parking with signage noting that bike parking is available, and space for three bike share stations. Stairs leading to the plazas will have stair channels for walking a bicycle up/down the stairs. See the staff report for details and other info about the proposal.

While we support the project, we are concerned that the bike parking requirements for multi-family residences are minimal; one long-term bicycle parking space for every 10 units. Arlington requires one parking space for every 3 units. Most households own at least one bicycle and one space for every 10 units is not enough. When the county bicycle parking guidelines come before the Board of Supervisors in the near future we plan to advocate for more robust requirements.

All in all the plan seems to provide good bike accommodations and we support it. Here are the bike facilities included in the draft proffers:
PCA A-502 
December 18, 2014


47. Bicycle Facilities. At time of site plan submission for each Building(s), the Applicant shall designate bicycle racks, bike lockers, and/or bike storage areas on the Application Property, in those specific locations as identified on the Plan, which may be further refined at the time of site plan subject to FCDOT approval. Signage shall be posted on the exterior side of the buildings near the entrances to indicate bike parking available to the
public, if any. The bicycle racks shall be inverted U style racks, or of such other design approved by FCDOT. Bicycle facilities shall be installed prior to the issuance of the first RUP or Non-RUP for such use in accordance with the site plan on which the applicable bike facilities are shown.

Short-term bicycle parking shall be provided in accordance with FCDOT guidelines and located anywhere within the Application Property. Long-term bicycle parking shall be in a secure location as selected by Applicant such as a bicycle room, cage, locker, or other secure parking option. Bicycle parking shall be provided as follows, or subject to lesser rates as approved by the Director of FCDOT or his designee at time of site plan:

A. Office Bicycle Parking. The Applicant shall provide one (1) long-term bicycle parking space for every 10,000 square feet, or portion thereof, of office GFA and one (1) short-term bicycle parking space for each 20,000 square feet, or portion thereof, of office GFA.

B. Multi-family Residential Bicycle Parking. The Applicant shall provide one (1) long-term bicycle parking space for every 10 multi-family residential units and one (1) short-term bicycle parking space per every 50 multi-family residential units.

C. Retail Bicycle Parking. The Applicant shall provide one (1) long-term employee bicycle space for every 25,000 square feet of retail GFA and one (1) short-term bicycle parking space for every 10,000 square feet of retail GFA.

48. On Road Bicycle Facilities. The Applicant shall provide on-road bicycle facilities along North Shore Drive as shown on the Plan and as coordinated with both VDOT and FCDOT at time of the first site plan for Buildings A1 or A2 within the curb to curb width and in accordance with the following.

A. Along the south side of North Shore Drive, an on-road bike lane of 6 feet in width (including a two (2) foot wide gutter pan) extending east from Village Road to Cameron Crescent Drive; and
B. Along the north side of North Shore Drive, a sharrow will be provided from Cameron Crescent Drive west to Village Drive.

49. Bike Share. The Applicant has designated three (3) areas within the Application Property (one on the East Side and two on the West Side) and as reflected on the Plan for use as future bike share stations by others. Such spaces shall be made available upon request of the County at no cost to the operator of such service. If a bike share service has not requested the use of the areas after Stabilization of the East or West sides as defined herein, respectively, this proffer obligation shall become null and void and of no further force and effect.

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