Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Latest news from VBF on 2015 VA bike bills - 1/21/2015

VBF has posted the latest news on bike-related bills as of 1/21/2015. See the last paragraph regarding contacting your Delegate to ask them to support the following too closely bill:
Good news this afternoon in Senate Transportation where both Sen. Garrett’s and Sen. Reeves’ Crossing the Double Yellow Line bill were rolled into Sen. Ken Alexander’s SB781, but he let Sen. Reeves do the patroning. Since we had discussed the bill thoroughly with the State Police Rep prior to the meeting, we agreed to amend the bill, dropping the 25 mph provision and leaving “Safely” as the major condition that had to be met when passing. With that change made, the State Police were now in support of the bill, and only the lobbyist for the Administration spoke against it, after which it was REPORTED overwhelmingly, although perhaps not unanimously. (There is no electronic scoreboard in the room where Senate Trans meets and the official results have not been posted to the website as I report.) When it is we will know the exact score and what the amended bill looks like. (13Y-2N
Much less complicated was SB 882, the Dooring bill, which Sen. Petersen did a nice job of patroning, had no speakers in opposition and was also REPORTED. Again, I do not yet know the exact score, but I don’t think there were more than 2 Nay votes (the Committee has 15 members). Again, I await the official posting to the website. (9Y-3N)
Sen. Reeves’ Following too Closely Senate bill for some reason was Passed by until next week, which is not critical since Del. DeSteph’s identical bill is moving right along in the House.
All the other bills were handled before the main event of the afternoon, which was the bill pitting the Taxicabs against UBER, which I did not hang around to observe.
Sen. Wexton’s Cell phone restriction bill was Passed by for the day, so Del. Anderson’s similar House bill will go first, at 7:30 tomorrow morning in Militia, Police, & Public Safety, and Champe and I will be there for it, as well as for the three reimbursement for Maintenance bills, which will be at 7 a.m. in House Trans Sub 4.
Also, it is very timely for everyone to contact their Delegates in Support of HB1342, Del. DeSteph’s Don’t Follow Too Closely bill, which got its first reading on the House floor today, and probably will get its final floor vote by Friday, as this Short Session moves right along.

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