Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fairfax Board approves major Tysons development

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently approved the Westpark Plaza development located at Westpark Dr and Route 7. Included in the plans are bike lanes on Westpark Dr and the new street, Park Avenue:
On-street bike lanes are proposed along Westpark Drive (five-foot wide) and Park Avenue (six-foot wide). Local roads such as Madison Street are expected to accommodate bike traffic without the need for separate lanes because of their lower speeds. Bike parking facilities are not specifically identified on the CDP or FDP. Staff is recommending an FDP condition that interior bicycle parking areas be identified on site plan and/or building plans to the satisfaction of FCDOT. Additionally, staff is recommending an FDP condition that bicycle parking facilities be installed in the interim public parks subject to the approval of FCDOT and FCPA.
From the county news release:
Fairfax County signed off on another new development in the heart of Tysons that will add up to 1.4 million square feet in stores, apartments, hotel rooms, plus an estimated 2,275 new residents.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved Westpark Plaza today, a 5.37-acre project that’s about a quarter mile from the Greensboro Metro station.It joins Tysons Central, which the county approved almost a year ago, an up to 1.8 million square foot project next to this Silver Line station.

The plan calls for two high-rise apartments, an up to 300-room hotel, and a one-story recreation building built around a 1.78-acre park. The buildings all offer access to this central green with a lawn, courts, and more. The recreation facility offers a year-round, indoor swimming pool for residents and hotel guests, along with other amenities.

Located at the corner of Leesburg Pike and Westpark Drive, the new development will form a single block, bounded by two new streets, Park Avenue to the north and Madison Street to the east. It will replace the existing nine-story Westpark Hotel and surrounding parking lots that stand on the site today.

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