Friday, October 17, 2014

Fairfax Co Parkway Trail closed north of Sunrise Valley Dr

We just learned that maintenance/repair work on the Fairfax County Parkway Trail started up again today. As a result, the trail is closed just north of Sunrise Valley Dr up to just south of the eastbound Dulles Toll Rd ramp. If you're riding south and encounter the barrier, you will have to backtrack all the way to Sunset Hills/Spring St near the Target to find an alternate route. You could also try to make your way through the closed trail section.

As you can sort of see from the map image above, there are not many alternative routes to bypass the closed trail section. You could ride east to Reston Parkway or west to Monroe Street. You should be able to click on the map to see the google map version.

We've asked that the north Trail Closed barrier be placed closer to the decision point for using an alternate route; at Sunset Hills/Spring Street.


They told me it would be closed at least 2 weeks, longer if weather gets bad. They're only patching, not paving.
Re: "patching, not paving." VDOT contractors are doing what they've done on the other sections of the trail north of Route 50. In some areas the old asphalt is removed and that section is repaved. In other sections cracks are sealed.
When I went by yesterday, there were at least some sections where they had dug out all of the old pavement. When they were working on other areas further south, it wasn't as big of a deal - you could ride around in the grass. This one is tougher to work past however.

If you are headed northbound, I guess you could ride in the shoulder until you get to the entrance to the toll road. Southbound you could do the same thing I guess - you would just need to cross the parkway twice.

In all fairness, this spot really did need some work done. My only complaint is that they seemed to do this with no warning or notice. But to be fair, I wasn't riding earlier in the week when the rain was so bad.


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