Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bike crash on South Lakes Drive

On our ride home today we happened across a bike crash on South Lakes Dr at Springwood Dr, just west of Soapstone Dr in Reston. A cyclist was headed east on South Lakes Dr at around 5:30pm when a motorist who was headed west turned left in front of the cyclist. By the time we arrived the cyclist had already been taken to the hospital.

The motorist stated that she turned left into the path of the oncoming cyclist. She said she didn't see the cyclist who ran into her car.  The sun angle did not appear to be a factor.

Police officer S.A. Mohr took statements from bystanders and the motorist. We asked if the motorist would be ticketed and Officer Mohr said that the motorist admitted hitting the cyclist and that she would receive a citation.

Above is a photo of the cyclist's bike, with the handlebars askew. There was broken glass on the road where the crash occurred. We don't know the name of the cyclist or their condition. We assume he (bystanders said it was a male rider) was among a number of cyclists warming up for the 6pm Reston Bike Club Tuesday ride at Hunters Wood Shopping Center. Cyclists will often ride a loop from Hunters Woods along Colts Neck Rd to South Lakes Dr to Soapstone Dr to Glade Dr back to Hunters Woods.

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Dollars to donuts the idiotic driver was texting or otherwise distracted. Didn't see them? Then you're not doing your job as a driver.

I had a total bi--- almost right hook me in Georgetown last week. Except, she DID know I was there and she wasn't making a turn, but rather changing lanes while looking right at me. I had nowhere to go with parked vehicles to my right and her to my left so I slammed my brakes and she missed me by maybe or inch or two. I won't lie, I did clap my hand against her car to try to give some more indication that I'm there, but going 20mph, very little I could do aside from what I did. Caught up to this bi--- at the light and she said, "I didn't really see you." I responded, "you looked right at me" and she said, "yah, I must have blanked and thought you were on the sidewalk." Sometimes we have the biggest douchbags driving around the DC-area. God knows how more children don't die just being near these idiots on the road.
Cops won't cite either if they didn't see it and there's no grievous injury to show for it.

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