Sunday, February 16, 2014

Support bike bills in VA legislature

Several bike-related bills are working their way through the Virginia legislature. Please consider sending a note to your state Senator and Delegate asking them to support these bills. WABA has made this very easy by creating a form that you can use to enter your zip code (lookup your 9-digit zip code for best results) which will allow you to send an email to your representatives (link is to WABA's database hosted by salsalabs):
Virginia Delegates and Senators: Support Bicycling!

Virginia bicyclists: now is the time to act. The Virginia legislature is considering three separate bills which addresses street safety for bicyclists. All three bills have survived their respective legislative body and now are crossing over sides. For this bills to become law, they must now pass out the House and Senate. Please take a moment and ask your elected represenatives to support the bicycling bills.

Support: HB 82 — Following Too Closely
This bill would require drivers of any vehicle to not follow more closely than is reasonable any other vehicle, including bicyclists.

Support: SB 97 – Three Foot Passing Law
This bill requires motorists to leave three feet of clearance while passing bicyclists. 22 other states and Washington, DC that have similar statutes require motorists to pass by three feet or more.

Support: SB 225 - Opening and closing motor vehicle doors.
If this law is enacted, drivers and passengers in Virginia will be legally required to exercise care when opening their car doors with respect to adjacent traffic. Dooring of bicyclists by drivers and passengers can cause serious injury and this bill seeks to reduce the potential of dooring.
Thanks to WABA and Virginia Bicycling Federation for their work on this effort.

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